tisdag 25 november 2014

Förhandlingarna med Iran fortsätter

Förhandlingarna med Iran om deras kärn(vapen)program borde ha slutförts igår. Så gick det inte men parterna kom överens om att fortsätta förhandlingarna.
I Israel är man lättad över att stormakterna i förhandlingarna inte gått med på Irans krav och hoppas att de fortsatta förhandlingarna skall leda till att Iran tvingas upphöra med att anrika uran.
Som Israels premiärminister Netanyahu säger: Man behöver inte anrika uran om man inte skall utveckla en atombomb.

Iran är en av världens största supportrar av terrorism och kärnvapen i händerna på den regimen skulle vara en katastrof inte bara för Mellanöstern utan för hela världen.

US, Israel praise extension as safe path forward in Iran nuclear talks(Jerusalem Post)
 "...He said the current stalemate in the talks was a “lot better” than the deal that he said Iran was pushing for. That deal – which he described not as a “bad deal” but as a “horrible deal” – would have “left Iran with the ability to enrich uranium to an atom bomb while removing sanctions.“ The deal that the world should be pushing for, he added, is to “dismantle Iran’s capacity to make atomic bombs, and only then to dismantle the sanctions.”

Netanyahu dismissed Iran’s oft-heard argument that it has the natural right to enrich uranium, saying “there is no right to enrich. What do you need to enrich uranium for if you are not developing an atomic bomb?” Iran’s development of intercontinental ballistic missiles is a clear sign that it is seeking nuclear weapons, the prime minister said. “The only reason you build ICBMs is to launch a nuclear warhead..."

Analysis: How long will agreement delay Iran from getting nuclear bomb? 
Khamenei: Arrogant world powers failed to bring Iran to its knees
"In the nuclear issue, arrogants have made their best to bring Iran to its knees but they were not able and will not be able to do so."
 "I promise the Iranian people that the centrifuges (enrichment machines) will not stop spinning, but ... people's lives must continue to get better day by day," Rouhani said.
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