tisdag 11 november 2014

Två dödsoffer för gårdagens terrorattacker

Den 26- åriga Dalia Lamkus som knivhöggs till döds i en terrorattack igår hade överlevt en liknande attack 2006.
Igår kördes hon först över av en terrorist som sedan stannade och knivhögg henne.
Soldaten Almog Shilony som knivhöggs i Tel-Aviv dog också av sina skador.

"... We learn nothing about 26 year old Dahlia, who was just getting started in life after finishing college, studying occupational therapy so that she could have a job where she could help people who were sick or infirm or disabled to live in a fuller way.
They don’t tell you how she loved to bake with her mother, the two of them bringing rich, luscious cakes to parties and the way she spoke English...
... When the Palestinian leadership calls for their people to take a knife and find Jews to murder, and calls it natural and normal, we have entered the realm of unadulterated evil. Dahlia embodied its opposite and that fact shouldn’t be obscured from the world."

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