tisdag 27 oktober 2020

Jesus var jude - inte palestinier

Det är värt att påpeka det ännu en gång - Jesus var och är jude, inte palestinier som vissa historieförfalskare påstår.
Jesus Was a Jew, Not a Palestinian
"Until fairly recently, the understanding that Jesus was a Jew was generally unchallenged. In recent years, however, a new generation of anti-Israel activists and academics are now trying to claim that actually Jesus wasn’t just a Jew, but a Palestinian..."

söndag 25 oktober 2020

Saeb Erekat in his own words


Saeb Erekat in his own words (PMW)

"-Dr. Terror and Mr. Peace – the legacy of PLO Chief Negotiator Saeb Erekat
- Support for terror and terrorists
- Rewriting history
- Threatening "chaos and bloodshed" in response to US embassy move to Jerusalem
- “Peace” as a means to destroy Israel


For almost three decades, PLO Chief Negotiator Saeb Erekat touted himself as a man of peace. In his role as Mr. Peace, Erekat travelled the world to sweet talk the willfully blind with the illusion of the Palestinian moderation, flexibility, and thirst for peace. But at home, in Arabic, Erekat, in his dominant role as Dr. Terror, made his true feelings clearly heard. Support for terrorists, whitewashing terror organizations and terror, threats of violence, rewriting history, and perpetuating libels against Israel, are all just some of the views and actions espoused and carried out by Erekat.

While Palestinian Media Watch has often exposed the statements made by Erekat, the following is a special compilation focusing on a number of different themes exposing the true face Saeb Erekat...


The common themes of all of Erekat’s statements are clear. For Erekat, in the battle to destroy Israel, all Palestinian means and methods are legitimate. In the world of Erekat, Palestinians have an inherent right to murder Israelis; internationally designated homicidal terror groups are legitimate partners; mass murderers are heroes and their release from prison is an unequivocal prerequisite to peace; every action of sovereign countries to apply their own laws or consider their best interests, is met with threats of violence and doomsday predictions; history and truth are just clay in the hands of Erekat to mold and remold according to his needs and purposes.

It is Erekat’s approach and belief that Palestinian propaganda can shape the world that has been the true obstacle to peace for the last three decades. If Erekat and those like him would stop poisoning the well, Israeli-Palestinian peace would become a possibility.