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Inga fördömanden av mordet på den israeliska flickan från Palestinska myndigheten

Palestinska myndigheten och media fördömer inte mordet på den 17-åriga israeliska flickan. Istället ljuger de och påstår att hon var en soldat och bosättare.

PMW Bulletins
PA fails to condemn murder of 17-year-old Israeli girl, but when murderers are caught PA will reward them
PA fails to condemn murder of 17-year-old Israeli girl,
but when murderers are caught PA will reward them
  • If the murderer/s are caught, the PA will pay them a salary during their time in prison and after their release
  • If the murderer/s is killed, the PA will pay their families a monthly allowance for the rest of their lives
  • The PA will make the payments simply as a reward for the act of terror, regardless of the terrorists' affiliation
By Maurice Hirsch, Adv.
Hours after a bomb exploded at the "Danny Spring" on Friday Aug. 23, murdering 17-year-old Rina Shnerb and injuring her father and brother, US President Donald Trump's Special Representative for International Negotiations Jason Greenblatt took to Twitter to demand that the Palestinian Authority condemn the attack. He added: "If they don't, donor countries should demand the PA answer for why their donor funds continue to be used to reward attacks."
Despite numerous checks, and notwithstanding the fact that the PA media has referred to the attack on multiple occasions, Palestinian Media Watch could find no statement whatsoever of any PA official condemning the attack. Rather the PA media chose to falsely claim that Rina was a "soldier" and a "settler."

PA TV reported that Israeli forces had set up road blocks around Ramallah "on the pretext" that someone had killed an Israeli soldier.
Official PA TV newsreader: "The occupation forces closed the main roads to the villages west of Ramallah and increased their military presence at the entrances to the Ramallah and El-Bireh district. This took place on the pretext of the killing of a female Israeli soldier and the wounding of others near the settlement named Dolev, which is located on the [Arab] residents' lands of west of Ramallah."
[Official PA TV News, Aug. 23, 2019]
Needless to say, 17-year-old Rina was not a soldier and no Israeli authority ever claimed she was a soldier.

WAFA, the official PA news agency, printed a number of articles relating to the event. While Rina was a resident of Lod, a town in Israel (within the 1949 Armistice lines), the reports systematically described her as a "settler" and focused on the measures taken by Israel to apprehend the terrorists who carried out the attack:
"The Israeli army  had also set up roadblocks on different roads in the West Bank following an attack earlier in the day against settlers near Ramallah in which one settler was killed and two others injured and attacked the P. " (error in source - Ed.)
[WAFA, English edition, Official PA news agency, Aug. 23, 2019]
"Israeli forces today sealed off main roads leading to the western Ramallah district in the West Bank following a suspected attack that resulted in the killing of a settler, confirmed local sources."
[WAFA, English edition, Official PA news agency, Aug. 23, 2019]

"The explosion near Ramallah that killed an Israeli settler and injured two others as well as revenge acts by the settlers against the civilian Palestinian population in the occupied territory were highlighted on the front page of the three Palestinian Arabic dailies today."
[WAFA, English edition, Official PA news agency, Aug. 24, 2019]
"The arrests and seizure of the cameras are believed related to the Israeli army investigation into the explosion from yesterday near the village of Ein Arik that killed one Israeli settler and injured two others."
[WAFA, English edition, Official PA news agency, Aug. 24, 2019]
The official PA daily similarly wrote:
Headline: "The killing of a female settler and wounding of two additional people west of Ramallah, and the settlers are rioting"
"The Israeli occupation forces closed many main roads to villages west of Ramallah yesterday [Aug. 23, 2019] and increased their military presence at the entrances to the Ramallah and El-Bireh districts, on the pretext of the killing of a female settler and the wounding of two additional people next to the settlement of Dolev, which is located on [Palestinian] citizens' land west of Ramallah."
[Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Aug. 24, 2019]
PA Chairman Abbas' Fatah party echoed the PA media, claiming that Rina was a settler. Posting on its official Facebook page, Fatah wrote:
"Pictures from the site where the female settler was killed and two others were wounded by the explosion of a bomb west of Ramallah."
[Official Fatah Facebook page, Aug. 23, 2019]
The post has received over 100 interactions including 2 "love" heart symbols , 94 "like"s and 4 "ha-ha" laughing smileys.
The PA referred to her, as it often does to victims of terror, as a "settler" and "soldier," because from the PA's perspective it makes her an even more legitimate target than killing other Israelis. The PA TV News reporting on the murder of American Taylor Force who was murdered in Tel Aviv also called him a "settler."

In another post Fatah added:

Posted text: "The moment the operation was carried out. The occupation says that it was a high-quality and complicated operation."
[Official Fatah Facebook page, Aug. 23, 2019]
This post has also received dozens of interactions with one person responding with the symbol of two fingers motioning "V" for victory.

 Even if the PA had bothered to pay even the minimal lip service required and issue a condemnation, it would be meaningless as its actions will speak louder than their words. If the terrorist/s who murdered Rina are caught alive, the PA will pay them a salary in prison and even after their release. If they are killed during an attempt to arrest them, the PA will pay their families a monthly allowance for the rest of their lives. The PA will pay these salaries/allowances simply because the terrorist/s carried out a terrorist attack, and regardless of whether the terrorists belong to Fatah, Hamas, or acted alone. 

As noted by Greenblatt, in the absence of a condemnation (not only by words but also by actions) the countries that are funding the PA should ask themselves why they are contributing aid to the PA, while the PA uses its resources to pay financial rewards to terrorists.

fredag 23 augusti 2019

Flera terrorattacker i augusti

En död i terrorattack mot familj

Ännu 90 år efter Hebron massakern fortsätter araberna att mörda judar.
 Idag dödades en ung flicka, 17-åriga Rina Shnerb, när hon tillsammans med sin familj vandrade vid ett populärt utflyktsområde i närheten av bosättningen Dolev. En bomb exploderade dödade flickan  och skadade svårt hennes bror och pappa.
De ansvariga för attacken söks för tillfället av polis och militär.

Hamas har inte tagit på sig ansvaret för attacken men prisar attacken som en "modig attack " som "bevisar det palestinska folkets mod".

Nåja, åtminstone bevisar den vart den palestinska hatpropagandan fört delar av den palestinska befolkningen. Till ett tillstånd där man anser att det är modigt att spränga barn i luften.

Teen girl killed as Israeli family hit by bomb at West Bank spring


Hamas lauds ‘brave, heroic’ perpetrators of bombing attack

17-year-old Rina Shnerb, killed in a bombing in the West Bank, August 23, 2019 (Courtesy of the family) TOI

Hebron massakern 1929

Palestinska myndigheten hedrar dem som utförde massaker på judar för 90 år sedan!
1929, 19 år innan det fanns en judisk stat mördade araber judar i Hebron, Jerusalem och Safed.
Idag hedrar palestinska myndigheten mördarna som hjältar och förebilder.

The PA connection to the 1929 murder of 130 Jews

"Today marks 90 years since the Hebron Massacre of 67 Jews. Rampaging Arabs also murdered Jews in Jerusalem and Tzefat. In total, in the course of just one week, Arabs murdered 130 Jews.

While the massacre took place in 1929, over 60 years before its creation, the Palestinian Authority has wholeheartedly adopted the event, glorifying three of its participants and perpetuating the spark that ignited the massacre.

In the aftermath of the massacres, British mandate forces arrested and prosecuted dozens of Arabs. While most of the death sentences handed down were commuted to life imprisonment, three Arabs who, according to a report by the British government to the League of Nations, "committed particularly brutal murders at Safad and Hebron" were put to death on June 17, 1930.   

Every year the PA marks the execusion of these three murderers - Muhammad Jamjoum, Fuad Hijazi, and Ataa Al-Zir.

In June this year, on the 89th anniversary of their execution, PA TV marked the execution of "the three heroes" and used the opportunity to add that they have become "a legend of self-sacrifice for the homeland" and that "souls that have been sacrificed for their country will not die." In this manner, the PA constantly reinforces its message that dying while carrying out an act of terrorism is an outcome that guarantees that the souls of the terrorists do not die."

söndag 18 augusti 2019

Finska YLE :s rubrik en skandal

Finska YLE:
Israelin armeija ampui kolme palestiinalaista Gazan rajalla, kertoo ministeriö
(Israeliska armén sköt tre palestinier i Gazaremsans norra del, meddelar Gazas hälsovårdsministerium)
Israelilaissotilaat tappoivat kolme palestiinalaista Gazan kaistan pohjoisosissa, kertoo Gazan terveysministeriö.

Israelilaislehti Haaretzin mukaan uhrit olivat parikymppisiä miehiä. Ministeriö kertoo, että lisäksi yksi palestiinalainen on sairaalahoidossa.

Israelin armeija kertoi aikaisemmin, että helikopteri ja panssarivaunu ampuivat "aseistautuneita epäiltyjä" Gazan kaistan ja Israelin toisistaan erottavan aidan tuntumassa.

Om man inte bara läser rubriken så får man reda på att det faktiskt var "beväpnade misstänkta" som sköts men varken i denna artikel  eller i text TV:s text får läsarna reda på att det var beväpnade terrorister som försökte ta sig över gränsen till Israel. YLE väljer att utelämna en väldigt viktig detalj i rapporteringen. De israeliska soldaterna försvarade israeliskt territorium mot ett fientligt angrepp.

Finska text-TV:(fri översättning)  Gaza: tre palestinier sköts
"Israeliska soldater dödade tre palestinier i norra Gazaremsan berättar Gazas hälsovårdsministerium..."
Det nämns att det sköts tre raketer från Gaza innan armén slog till men inte med ett ord förklarar man att det var beväpnade terrorister som försökte ta sig över gränsen till Israel.
Minst sagt en rapportering som är vilseledande.

IDF releases footage of foiled Gaza infiltration attempt

Three armed Palestinians killed in border strike, Gaza authorities confirm

Trump kan bli en belastning för Israel

Herb Keinon analyserar i Jerusalem Post Israels beslut inte låta kongresskvinnorna Rashida Tlaib och Ilhan Omar resa in i Israel.
Hans slutsats blir att Israel och dess nuvarande och kommande premiärminister helt enkelt inte kan säga nej när USA:s president Trump ber dem om stöd.
Man måste kallt räkna med att trots att Israel förlorar i anseende när man vägrar inresetillstånd till kvinnorna skulle kostnaden bli ännu större om man går emot Trumps önskemål.
Trump använder Israel i det inrikespolitiska spelet mot det demokratiska partiet och i längden kommer detta antagligen att kosta Israel mycket, kanske mera än det skulle kosta att gå emot Trump.

"...Trump is not asking for concessions from Israel; Trump is demanding political support from Netanyahu. Trump will ask for the same bear hug from Netanyahu in the run-up to the US presidential 2020 elections that he himself has extended to the prime minister.

And Netanyahu, because of everything the president has done positively for Israel – plus the political support Trump has given him personally – simply cannot say “no”.

Trump’s political need at the moment is to present the far-left Omar and Tlaib, along with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley, as the face of the Democratic Party. The party leadership may oppose their attitudes and dislike their positions, they may be far from the mainstream, but Trump’s goal is to turn them into the Democratic Party. And one way to do that is to force the Democratic Party, and its leaders to rally around them.

Which is exactly what happened last week.

When Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer said on July 19 that Israel would allow the two congresswomen to visit, he was articulating Israel’s policy – it would be a problematic visit, they would use their platform to bash Israel, the country would endure five days of bad press and then the caravan would move on.

But Trump wants Israel to keep the women out because this would – as it has – forced the Democrats to come to their defense. And that serves his political interests...."

Lapid: Barring Omar, Tlaib a ‘serious mistake’ and Netanyahu knows it

The day Netanyahu helped anti-Israel Democrats gain resonance and credibility

Twitter Donald J Trump:
It would show great weakness if Israel allowed Rep. Omar and Rep.Tlaib to visit. They hate Israel & all Jewish people, & there is nothing that can be said or done to change their minds. Minnesota and Michigan will have a hard time putting them back in office. They are a disgrace!

What Omar, Tlaib were going to do on their thwarted trip to Jerusalem, West Bank

Raketer från Gaza

Raketer sköts mot Israel från Gaza både under fredag och lördag kväll. Israel sköt ner raketerna men delar av en raket föll ner på en gårdsplan i Sderot. Ingen skadades direkt av raketerna men i samband med att människorna sökte sig till skyddsrum inträffade ett par olycksfall.
I samband med lördagens raketattacker försökte en grupp beväpnade terrorister från Gaza igen ta sig över gränsen till Israel men de upptäcktes av israeliska soldater och sköts.
Hamas anklagar som vanligt, oberoende av vad som hänt, Israel för brutalitet och brott mot det palestinska folket.



Hamas says armed men killed by IDF on Gaza border were ‘rebellious youth’

fredag 16 augusti 2019


I går knivhöggs en polis i Jerusalem av två tonåringar och i dag körde en bil över två israeliska ungdomar söder om Jerusalem. Båda fallen betraktas som terrorattacker.

2 Israeli teens injured in car-ramming attack in West Bank

Cop injured in Jerusalem stabbing attack; 2 assailants shot

onsdag 14 augusti 2019

Palestinska ledare organiserade oroligheterna på Tempelberget i söndags

För att så många muslimer som möjligt skulle komma till Tempelberget i söndags för att förhindra judar att besöka området på minnesdagen av templets förstörelse stängdes de andra moskéerna i Jerusalem och bönetiderna ändrades.

Läs mera:
The PA initiated clashes  on the Temple Mount (PMW)
By Maurice Hirsch, Adv. and Itamar Marcus

A guide to the Temple Mount published in 1925 by the Supreme Moslem Council of Mandate Palestine declares that its "identity with Solomon's Temple is beyond dispute." This senior Muslim authority repeated this confirmation of Jewish and Christian traditions in 1950 in a new guide, when Jerusalem and the Temple Mount were then under Jordanian rule. Despite these repeated affirmations by the top Muslim authority of the land, the Palestinian Authority is constantly attempting to rewrite even Muslim tradition, by denying the Jewish nature of the Temple Mount.  Accordingly, it refers to visits by Jews to this holy site as "invasions" and calls on Palestinians and the International community to defend the site and prevent its "Judaization." The PA deceptively refers to the entire Temple Mount as the "Al Aqsa Mosque", even though the actual mosque sits on a relatively small area in the south-western corner of the mount.

On Sunday, Israel marked the 9th day of the Jewish month of Av. According to Jewish tradition, on that day both the first and second Temples were destroyed. The same day marked the start of the Moslem Eid Al-Adha [Feast of the Sacrifice]

While some sources have blamed the Sunday clashes on the Jordanians, Palestinian Media Watch can show that it was the PA who was most instrumental in instigating the clashes and ensuing violence.

In an attempt to disrupt Jews' right to access the Mount on Sunday, the PA took a number of steps, including changing the times of the Moslem prayers on the Mount and calling for mosques around Jerusalem to remain closed in order to "recruit" as many people as possible to defend the site against the "invasions."

While the published time schedule for the 5 daily Moslem prayers, set the first prayer time for 04.29, the second (last morning prayer) for 05.56, and the third (first afternoon prayer) for 12.44 on  Aug. 9, 2019 the PA appointed Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and the Palestinian Territories decided to delay the second morning prayer to 07.30. The goal was to ensure that as many people would be present on the Temple Mount when the Jews were scheduled to start arriving.

Significantly, the morning prayers on Monday after the clashes, when Jews were prohibited from entering the Temple Mount, reverted to their original scheduling.

Broadcasting from the Temple Mount, PA TV showed how this tactic had succeeded and that as the Jews were planning to enter the Mount through the Mughrabi (Morroco) Gate crowds of Palestinians gathered at the site in order to prevent the entrance of the Jews. When the time came, at 09.10, the Mufti called for an impromptu prayer session at the entrance to the gate.

Official PA TV reporter: "Viewers, we will now try to reach [PA Grand] Mufti of Jerusalem [and Palestinian Supreme Fatwa Council Chairman] Sheikh Muhammad Hussein. Your Honor, Sheikh, could you explain for us-"
Man: "We want to pray."
Reporter: "They are now praying. His Honor the mufti is now holding prayers in front of the Mughrabi Gate. As he just told us, the prayer in front of the Mughrabi Gate is an act of protest...
How do you explain the prayer being held now - the afternoon prayer now? Is this a scene of protest in response to the intent of the occupation and herds of settlers to break in [to the Al-Aqsa Mosque] (refers to Jews visiting the Temple Mount on Tisha B'Av on Aug. 11, 2019, which coincided with the Muslim holiday of Eid Al-Adha; see note below -Ed.)?"
Al-Aqsa Mosque "guard" Fadi Alyan: "Of course the Muslims are taking different steps to prevent the break-ins to the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque. Of course [this is] the late morning prayer (i.e., not a mandatory prayer), and not the afternoon [prayer]. Strange sights are taking place at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, both the postponement of the holiday prayer by an hour (i.e., from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. in order to block Jews from visiting), and holding the late morning prayer."
Reporter: "In other words, the prayers are being held at a different time than usual in order to defend the Al-Aqsa Mosque?"
Fadi Alyan: "Exactly. The prayers are being held at a different time than usual in order to defend [it] and reinforce that this site belongs completely to the Muslims."
[Official PA TV, Holiday Morning, Aug. 11, 2019]
In preparation for these events, the Mufti had already repeated the claim that "the Al-Aqsa Mosque is the sole right of the Muslims, and that neither the occupation authorities nor anyone else has a right to interfere in its matters..." [Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Aug. 7, 2019]

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' Advisor on Religious Affairs and Supreme Shari'ah Judge Mahmoud Al-Habbash gave similar reasoning for delaying the morning prayers, in a post on his Facebook account. Al-Habbash, called for Ribat, which is Islamic resistance and refers to anything from outright terror to quiet protest, and added what appears to have been a direct call to violence: "the Al-Aqsa Mosque is our Jihad."
Posted text: "Postponing the [Eid Al-Adha] (i.e., the Sacrifice Feast) prayers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the sacrifice of the sacrifices of those carrying out Ribat in Jerusalem to the second day of the holiday so that people will be available to carry out Ribat at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in order to resist the Israeli plans to invade the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the first day of the holiday (which coincides with the Jewish fast of Tisha B'Av see note below -Ed.). Our mosque is our Ribat and the Al-Aqsa Mosque is our Jihad."
[Facebook page of Supreme Shari'ah Judge Mahmoud Al-Habbash, Aug. 9, 2019]
In order to ensure that the Palestinians came to the Temple Mount instead of attending their local mosques, the Mufti decided to close all of the Jerusalem mosques.

Official PA TV host: "We will note that a statement by Head of the Supreme Muslim Council Dr. Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, the Palestinian Supreme Fatwa Council signed by [Council Chairman and PA Grand Mufti] Muhammad Hussein, and also the Islamic Waqf Council led by [Council Chairman] Abdul Azim Salhab was published yesterday [Aug. 8, 2019] on the necessity to close all of the Jerusalem mosques on Sunday[Aug. 11, 2019], in order to mobilize the largest possible number of people for prayer at the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque plazas."
[Official PA TV, Good Morning Jerusalem, Aug. 9, 2019]
Having successfully initiated the violence on the Temple Mount in an attempt to prevent Jews from visiting Judaism's most holy site on the day the commemorates the destruction of both the Temples, Al-Habbash then attempted to use the violence as an excuse to inflame the sensibilities of all Muslims.
"Supreme Shari'ah Judge and PA President Mahmoud Abbas Advisor on Religious Affairs and Islamic Relations Mahmoud Al-Habbash called on Muslims throughout the world to defend the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque from the Israeli occupation's plots and its barbaric harm, of which the world saw another chapter of its racism today [Aug, 11, 2019] with its break-in to the Al-Aqsa Mosque and its attack against worshippers there.
In a press statement today (Sunday), Al-Habbash requested of Muslims in all of the world's states to make a pilgrimage to the Al-Aqsa Mosque and to carry out Ribat there with their Palestinian brothers in order to participate with them in the battle in defense of the sanctity of the First Direction of Prayer (i.e., Jerusalem) and the third holiest site against the criminal attack that is being committed by the state of occupation and terrorist colonialists who are desecrating the plazas of the Noble Sanctuary since the morning in a blatant strike against Muslim sensibilities on their blessed Eid Al-Adha day (i.e., the Sacrifice Feast)."
[WAFA, official PA news agency, Aug. 11, 2019]
Ironically, while it was the PA who was trying to prevent the Jews from excercizing their right to enter the Temple Mount, Al-Habbash hypocritically called these visits "racism".
PA Governor of Ramallah and El-Bireh Dr. Laila Ghannam, similarly justified those carrying out Ribat and condemned the world's silence in the face of the "attacks against the worshippers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque".
Posted text: "El-Bireh - Aug. 11, 2019 - [District] Governor of Ramallah and El-Bireh Dr. Laila Ghannam, and alongside her the district's security council, laid wreaths of flowers on the Martyrs' graves in the city of El-Bireh the morning of the [Eid Al-Adha] (i.e., the Sacrifice Feast)...
Governor Ghannam... blessed the people of Jerusalem and those carrying out Ribat (i.e., religious conflict/war over land claimed to be Islamic) at the Al-Aqsa Mosque. She noted that our people will continue to defend its holy sites, the Islamic and Christian ones, and will not allow them to be treated as abandoned.
She condemned the world's silence in the face of the occupation's attacks against the worshippers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the morning of the blessed Eid Al-Adha ...and demanded that the world act quickly to stop the attacks and the Judaization that are taking place in Jerusalem."
The picture shows the Ramallah and EliBireh district's security council before the Martyrs' graves in El-Bireh.
[Facebook page of District Governor of Ramallah and El-Bireh Laila Ghannam, Aug. 11, 2019]
In anticipation of the violence, last week the PA Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates already prepared the PA narrative, blaming the violence on US President Donald Trump's decisions regarding Jerusalem and the international community's silence to the so-called "Judaization" of the "Al-Aqsa Mosque."

"The ministry emphasized that [US President Donald] Trump's decisions regarding Jerusalem (i.e., the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital and the transfer of the US embassy there; see note below) and the international community's silence... are whetting the appetite of the extremists in Israel to implement more Judaization plans against the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque and to try and impose Israeli sovereignty over it - if not to destroy it and build the so-called Temple in its place."
[Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Aug. 6, 2019]
Just a few months ago, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas met with a delegation of students from Harvard

Tisha B'Av - Jewish day of mourning commemorating the destruction of the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem (586 BCE and 70 CE) and the forced exile of most of the Jewish people from the land of Israel.

tisdag 13 augusti 2019

Abbas åsikt om palestiniernas historia och judarnas rätt till Judéen, Samarien och Jerusalem

Eftersom palestinierna som folk inte egentligen har någon historia i området mellan Medelhavet och Jordan håller de palestinska ledarna på med historieförfalskning.
De kan ändå inte riktigt bestämma sig för hur de skall ha det, ibland påstår de att de är ättlingar till filistéerna och i bland, som Abbas nu, att de härstammar från kananéerna.
Det duger inte att erkänna att en del av araberna i området har bott där i flera hundra år och andra flyttat dit från närliggande områden under de senaste hundra åren eftersom judarnas återkomst skapat många arbetstillfällen.
Hela den palestinska identiteten är skapad under senare delen av 1900-talet, före det betraktade sig den arabiska befolkningen helt enkelt som araber (judar i området kallades palestinier).

Abbas: Settlements will be swept away, Palestinians came from ancient Canaanites (TOI)
“We will remain and no one will be able to move us out of our homeland. He who wants to do that: ‘Go.’ The unexpected visitor in this country has no right in this country. Thus, we tell them: ‘Every brick you laid in our land and every house you built in our land will vanish, if God permits,'” Abbas said, speaking in an event hall at the Jalazone refugee camp, which is situated north of Ramallah and adjacent to the Israeli settlement of Beit El.

“Whatever homes they announce here or settlements there, they will all disappear, if God wills it. They will be in the dustbins of history and they will remember that this land is for its people, its residents and the Canaanites who were here 5,000 years ago. We are the Canaanites,” he added.

söndag 11 augusti 2019

Terrorister försöker ta sig in i Israel från Gaza

Under veckoslutet har terrorister från Gaza gjort två försök att ta sig in i Israel. Tidigt på lördag morgonen upptäcktes fyra välbeväpnade terrorister som höll på att ta sig genom gränsstängslet mellan Israel och Gaza. Terroristerna dödades i en eldstrid med israeliska soldater.

Tidigt på söndag morgon öppnade en terrorist eld mot israeliska soldater när också han försökte ta sig över gränsen till Israel. Mannen dödades av israeliska soldater.

För lite över en vecka sedan hände samma sak, alltså tre försök på lite över en vecka.

Foiling infiltration, IDF kills four Gazans armed with rifles, RPGs, grenades

IDF says large-scale terror attack thwarted as troops prevent Gaza infiltration

Hamas gunman shot after firing at troops in fresh Gaza border battle

Response to foiled Gaza attack shows Hamas supports escalation, from a distance (TOI)
Terror group is either allowing ‘lone wolves’ to target Israelis from coastal enclave or unable to rein them in; both possibilities spell trouble for Israel

fredag 9 augusti 2019

18 år efteråt - kvinnan bakom bomben i Sbarro pizzerian i Jerusalem ångrar inget

För 18 år sedan utfördes en självmordsattack mot Sbarro pizzerian i Jerusalem. I attacken dog 15 israeler, av dem 8 barn.
Ahlam Tamimi smugglade bomben till Jerusalem, valde platsen där attacken skulle utföras och vägledde självmordsbombaren.
Hon säger att hon inte ångrar någonting och kan inte förstå  varför hon betraktas som terrorist.Hon anser till och med att FN:s stagar stöder hennes åsikt.
Tamimi lever nu i Jordanien som vägrar utlämna henne till USA.
Den lön den palestinska myndigheten under årens lopp har betalat till terroristerna som utförde attacken uppgår till nästan 1 miljon dollar.


PMW Bulletins
Can one man's child murderer ever be another man's hero?
Can one man's child murderer ever be another man's hero?

The PA has paid millions of shekels to the 8 "heroic" terrorists of the Sbarro bombing
  • The terrorist who chose to target the pizza shop specifically because it was crowded, doesn't understand why the world thinks murdering children makes her a terrorist
  • The PA payments to the 8 terrorists have totaled 3,209,740 shekels ($910,823)
  • Every month the PA pays an additional 25,800 shekels ($7,321) to the terrorists
By Maurice Hirsch, Adv. and Itamar Marcus
18 years ago today Ahlam Tamimi smuggled a bomb in a guitar case into Jerusalem and led a suicide bomber to the Sbarro pizza shop, who then murdered 15 Israelis, 8 of them children. When Tamimi thinks about the children she murdered she has "no regrets," in fact it makes her happy. These are some of her thoughts about murdering children:

Tamimi: "For nine days I examined the place very carefully and chose it after seeing the large number of patrons at the Sbarro restaurant..."
Interviewer: "Didn't you think about the people who were in the restaurant? The children? The families?"
Tamimi: "No."
Tamimi: "I have no regrets, and no Palestinian prisoner regrets what he or she has done..."
Interviewer: "Do you know how many children were killed in the restaurant?"
Tamimi: "Three children were killed in the operation, I think. [Smiles.]"
Interviewer: "Eight."
Tamimi: "Eight?! Eight." [Smiles more broadly.]
[PA TV rebroadcast the interview on Oct. 23, 2011, after her release]
Child murderer Tamimi was arrested by Israel and received 15 life-sentences. However, she was released 10 years later with over 1,000 terrorist prisoners, in exchange for the Israeli hostage soldier Gilad Shalit. Tamimi, who now lives in Jordan where she hosts a TV show, is on the United States "Most Wanted Terrorist" list.
In a recent interview on Al-Jazeera she explained that she cannot understand why the US wants to extradite her or why she is even defined as a terrorist.
"Seven years after our release, now the American [authorities] are demanding to re-arrest me. This has shaken our lives to a certain extent... Why are we defined as 'terror'? Why is Ahlam defined as 'a terror[ist]'? After all, I'm part of an independence movement, a national liberation movement, a resistance movement acting for its freedom."
 [Al-Jazeera.net website, March 28, 2019]
It is not only Tamimi who sees herself and her terror partners in the Sbarro bombing as heroic freedom fighters. The PA rewards every one of the child murderers involved in the bombing. Palestinian Media Watch has calculated that since the bombing on August 9, 2001, the PA has paid the 8 terrorists responsible for the attack and the families of the dead terrorists (so called "Martyrs") no less than 3,209,740 shekels ($910,823).

The payments include monthly salaries paid to the terrorists in prison, payments to the families of the dead terrorists and the payments to the terrorists who, like Tamimi, were released in the Shalit exchange.

Through August 2019, the PA has cumulatively paid: 
  • the terrorists in prison 2,278,800 shekels ($646,651).
  • the families of the dead terrorists 565,600 shekels ($160,500).
  • the terrorists released in the Shalit deal 365,340 shekels ($103,672).
The payments to the released prisoners include special "release grants" that PA Chairman ordered be given to the released terrorists as a "Presidential gift as token of honor to prisoners."

The current payments rewarding the Sbarro terrorists and their families is 25,800 shekels ($7,321) /month. In spite of the self-inflicted PA financial crisis, since the beginning of 2019 alone, the PA has paid 206,400 shekels ($58,569).

See the following poster listing how much each of the terrorists has received. (Click here to download the poster.)

Because of Tamimi's prominence in the attack, she has become a public voice for Palestinian terrorists.

While still in prison, she was interviewed by Israeli TV and PA TV rebroadcast it the day she was released. The following is a longer segment of what was cited above:

Israeli interviewer: "Who chose Sbarro [restaurant, as the target of the attack]?"
Tamimi: "I did. For nine days I examined the place very carefully and chose it after seeing the large number of patrons at the Sbarro restaurant. I didn't want to blow [myself] up, I didn't want to carry out a Martyrdom-seeking operation (i.e., a suicide attack). My mission was just to choose the place and to bring the Martyrdom-seeker (i.e., the suicide bomber). [I made] the general plan of the operation, but carrying it out was entrusted to the Martyrdom-seeker. ... I told him to enter the restaurant, eat a meal, and then after 15 minutes carry out the Martyrdom-seeking operation. During the quarter of an hour I would return the same way that I had arrived. Then I bade him farewell. He went inside, he crossed the road and went to the restaurant, and I went back the way I had come... You have to know something: a Martyrdom-seeker has a very special character, and I was amazed at his great wish to carry out the operation, his great wish to pass over to a different life. How beautiful it is when you make a person - [starts the sentence again] [Suppose] there's a poor person and you give him a lot of money. He will be happy and you yourself will be happy that you realized for him the happy life that he wanted. My job was to realize, for this Martyrdom-seeker, the happy life that he wanted."
Interviewer: "Didn't you think about the people who were in the restaurant? The children? The families?"
Tamimi: "No."
Tamimi: "I have no regrets, and no Palestinian prisoner regrets what he or she has done. We were defending ourselves. What are we supposed to regret? Should we regret defending ourselves? Should we regret that the Israelis killed one of us so we killed a different one of them? We have no regrets."
Interviewer: "Do you know how many children were killed in the restaurant?"
Tamimi: "Three children were killed in the operation, I think. [Smiles.]"
Interviewer: "Eight."
Tamimi: "Eight?! Eight."
[PA TV rebroadcast the interview on Oct. 23, 2011, after her release]
The following is a longer segment of the Al-Jazeera interview in which Tamimi questioned why she is even considered a terrorist.

"We were released in the Loyalty to the Free People Deal (i.e., Shalit prisoner exchange) in October 2011. Our release was a great joy for us, the beginning of a new life, after the Zionist entity had sentenced us to life sentences... Seven years after our release, now the American [authorities] are demanding to re-arrest me. This has shaken our lives to a certain extent... My being in Jordan strengthens me, as there is no extradition agreement between Jordan and the US. This has led to a legal decision not to extradite me, and Jordan's position on this matter is clear. Why are we defined as 'terror'? Why is Ahlam defined as 'a terror[ist]'? After all, I'm part of an independence movement, a national liberation movement, a resistance movement acting for its freedom. The clauses of the UN General Assembly [charter] are on my side."
[Al-Jazeera.net website, March 28, 2019]
The Palestinian Authority glorifies all its terrorists including child murderers and suicide bombers, as heroes. In addition to granting the terrorist prisoners a monthly salary, the 2004 PA Law of Prisoners and Released Prisoners prohibits the PA from signing any peace agreement that does not include the release of all the Palestinian terrorists, including the child-murderers who carried out this attack. 

torsdag 8 augusti 2019

Tonårig pojke dödad i terrorattack

En 19-årig pojke, Dvir Sorek, knivhöggs till döds i en terrorattack utanför Jerusalem i natt.
IDF söker efter de skyldig till mordet.
Hamas och Islamsk Jihad prisar "den modiga attacken".

Text-TV i Finland påstår felaktigt att pojken var en israelisk soldat.

Student found stabbed to death in West Bank terror attack; manhunt launched

Hamas and Islamic Jihad praise ‘heroic’ West Bank slaying of student

fredag 2 augusti 2019

Parlamentsval 17 september

Här en artikel som analyserar läget inför parlamentsvalet den 17 september:

Election lists close with rifts on left and right, leaving Liberman as kingmaker (TOI)
Three major takeaways as 32 parties register with the Central Elections Committee for the September 17 national vote

Terrorist tog sig över gränsen från Gaza

En Hamasterrorist tog sig i natt över gränsen från Gaza. Han var utrustad med ett gevär och granater och öppnade eld mot israeliska soldater. Tre israeliska soldater skadades och terroristen sköts till döds.
IDF tror att terroristen agerade på eget bevåg, inte på order av Hamas.


Här under en artikel som beskriver hotet mot Israel på tre fronter, Gaza, Syrien och Libanon. Hotet på alla tre fronter har en gemensam nämnare: Iran.