torsdag 31 augusti 2023

2023 det värsta året på länge - i medeltal har en person per vecka dött i terrorattacker

 Terrorattackerna mot judar i Israel började öka för lite mer än ett år sedan. Nu rapporteras det dagligen om terrorattacker och 35 personer har dött i år, många fler har skadats.

Four terrorist attacks in 24 hours: A timeline of August 2023 (Jerusalem Post)

                                                                         Bild: Jerusalem Post

Israel sees one of deadliest terrorism years since Second Intifada (Jerusalem Post)

Thirty-five people have been murdered in terrorist attacks in Israel so far this year, making it one of the deadliest years since the Second Intifada.

With the death of the 34th victim, who was murdered in Hebron on Monday, 2023 surpassed 2022, when 33 people 2343 killed in terrorist attacks.

After Monday's attack, Israel has now seen an average of one person murdered in a terrorist attack per week, with the first taking place at the end of January and at least one being carried out every month this year.

Israeli soldier murdered, five injured in terror truck ramming Jerusalem Post)

An IDF soldier was murdered and five others were wounded in a terror ramming by an oncoming truck at the Maccabim checkpoint on the central Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Route 443 highway on Thursday morning.

Four IDF soldiers wounded in Joseph's Tomb terror explosion

An IDF officer and three soldiers were injured after a large explosive device was detonated by Palestinian terrorists as Israeli forces entered Nablus to secure the entry of Jewish worshippers to Joseph's Tomb on Wednesday night, according to the IDF Spokesperson's Unit.

Israeli moderately hurt in Jerusalem attack; Palestinian teen stabber shot dead (Times of Israel)

14-year-old assailant stabs man in 20s in back at Shivtei Israel light rail station near Old City, before being apparently disarmed by civilians, shot by Border Police officer