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91 år sedan 67 judar dödades i massakern i Hebron

För 91 år sedan, 23-24 augusti 1929, dödades 67 judar i massakern i Hebron. Läs mera här under!

Unprovoked Carnage: The Hebron Massacre of 1929

In the eyes of many, the Hebron massacre is the defining event of the 1929 Arab riots in Palestine.

For centuries, the small Jewish community of Hebron coexisted alongside a much larger Muslim community. Although Jews were never accorded full equality and often faced rampant discrimination and even extreme violence, at times relations were cordial.

1929 was a seminal year for the inhabitants of the Holy Land, as violent Arab riots against Jewish immigration swept through Palestine, which was then administered by the British...

...In all, 67 Jews were murdered, and dozens injured.

Following the attacks, the British High Commissioner Sir John Chancellor visited Hebron. He later wrote to his son, “The horror of it is beyond words. In one house I visited not less than twenty-five Jews men and women were murdered in cold blood.” Sir Walter Shaw concluded in The Palestine Disturbances report that “unspeakable atrocities have occurred in Hebron.”

With their homes laid to waste and their synagogues destroyed, the few hundred Jewish survivors were evacuated to Jerusalem by the British.  Although a small number of Jews returned in 1931, their stay was to prove short-lived as the events of the Arab revolt between 1936-1939 led to the entire Jewish population being removed once more.

The following decade, Israel was established, but Hebron was captured by King Abdullah’s Arab Legion during the 1948 War of Independence and ultimately annexed to Jordan.

Jews only returned to the city in 1968, a year after Israel liberated Hebron from Jordanian control in the Six-Day War.

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