fredag 23 augusti 2019

Hebron massakern 1929

Palestinska myndigheten hedrar dem som utförde massaker på judar för 90 år sedan!
1929, 19 år innan det fanns en judisk stat mördade araber judar i Hebron, Jerusalem och Safed.
Idag hedrar palestinska myndigheten mördarna som hjältar och förebilder.

The PA connection to the 1929 murder of 130 Jews

"Today marks 90 years since the Hebron Massacre of 67 Jews. Rampaging Arabs also murdered Jews in Jerusalem and Tzefat. In total, in the course of just one week, Arabs murdered 130 Jews.

While the massacre took place in 1929, over 60 years before its creation, the Palestinian Authority has wholeheartedly adopted the event, glorifying three of its participants and perpetuating the spark that ignited the massacre.

In the aftermath of the massacres, British mandate forces arrested and prosecuted dozens of Arabs. While most of the death sentences handed down were commuted to life imprisonment, three Arabs who, according to a report by the British government to the League of Nations, "committed particularly brutal murders at Safad and Hebron" were put to death on June 17, 1930.   

Every year the PA marks the execusion of these three murderers - Muhammad Jamjoum, Fuad Hijazi, and Ataa Al-Zir.

In June this year, on the 89th anniversary of their execution, PA TV marked the execution of "the three heroes" and used the opportunity to add that they have become "a legend of self-sacrifice for the homeland" and that "souls that have been sacrificed for their country will not die." In this manner, the PA constantly reinforces its message that dying while carrying out an act of terrorism is an outcome that guarantees that the souls of the terrorists do not die."

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