tisdag 5 november 2019

Kvinnor i majoritet inom vissa enheter i IDF

Inom gränspolisen är 65 % kvinnor, också inom luftförsvaret är majoriteten kvinnor.Det har de senaste åren skett en markant ökning i antalet kvinnor som vill med i stridande förband.

"...The IDF data, published today for the first time, showed that female soldiers now make up two-thirds (65%) of the Border Police, as opposed to just over half (55%) previously.

Even in the Home Front Command Rescue Battalions, which also carry out regular security missions in the Judea and Samaria area, there has been a significant change. If until recently, the proportion was 50/50, it now stands at 60% female fighters compared to 40% male. The same trend is recorded in air defense, within its various units – men used to make up 55% of the forces compared to 45% made up by women; the situation is now reversed.

The IDF pointed out that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of young women who want to serve as combat soldiers. While co-ed battalions like Caracal used to be considered an exception, the situation today is different and the IDF’s current need for female fighters is described as a critical operational need..."

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