fredag 3 september 2021

Lögner från den palestinska myndigheten

 Lögner,lögner,lögner det är palestinska myndighetens melodi. 

Varje år vid årsdagen av när en australiensk man med mentala problem startade en eldsvåda i Al-Aqsa moskéen 1969 kommer den palestinska myndigheten med påståendet att det var en judisk extremist, "bosättare" som försökte bränna ner Al-Aqsa.

Michael Rohan, mannen från Australien var inte jude utan kristen.

PA TV libel: The Jews are still trying “to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque and build the alleged Temple in its place” as they did in 1969 arson (PMW)

- PA libel: The Al-Aqsa fire in 1969 was set by “the Jews”

- PLO Islamic-Christian Council about Australian Christian who set the fire in 1969: Rohan was an “extremist Israeli settler”

- Official PA daily: Arson in 1969 was “the greatest crime committed by the terrorist bodies in the history of Zionist Judaism and messianic Judaism... It was committed... by a crazy man who was blind with hatred and fanaticism, namely Rabbi Kakhakh”

Every year, the PA commemorates the burning of the pulpit of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in 1969. And every year the PA repeats the libel that Jews set the fire.

In fact it was a man named Michael Rohan – an Australian Christian with a mental health disorder – who lit the fire in the Al-Aqsa Mosque in 1969.

But such facts don't matter to the PA. Every year, the PA uses the occasion to demonize Israel and Jews by claiming Rohan was a Jew, and to add fuel to its own “fire” that the PA always keeps on the backburner: The libel that Israel/the Jews are continuously trying to “destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque and build the alleged Temple in its place.”

You can always blame Israel! PA: Israel spreads weapons among Palestinians to fuel internal disputes (PMW)

"Spokesman of PA Security Forces demonizes Israel, claims Israel deliberately spreads weapons among Palestinians to fuel internal disputes and “get rid of confrontations that are part of the popular uprising against this occupation”

The Palestinian Authority customarily blames Israel for its own shortcomings. While there are almost 70,000 personnel in the PA Security Forces, it would seem that they don't spend time gathering the numerous illegal weapons, including machine guns, held by Palestinians. When these weapons are used for terror, the PA is silent. But when they are used for internal Palestinian conflicts, the PA reverts to its constant fallback position: Blame Israel!..."

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