onsdag 1 september 2021

Riksdagsledamöten vill bojkotta uppföljningsmötet till Durbankonferenssen

 Tack till dem som står upp för det om är rätt!

Lars Adaktusson, Member of the Parliament of Sweden
Sanna Antikainen, Member of the Parliament of Finland
Antero Laukkanen, Member of the Parliament of Finland
Peter Östman, Member of the Parliament of Finland
Wille Rydman, Member of the Parliament of Finland
Päivi Räsänen, Member of the Parliament of Finland
John Weinerhall, Member of the Riksdagen of Sweden

30 European MPs call on states to drop UN conference tainted by antisemitism (UN Watch)

GENEVA, August 30, 2021 — A coalition of more than 30 members of parliament from across Europe and the UK today launched a global appeal, spearheaded by the Geneva-based non-governmental human rights group UN Watch, urging countries to pull out of the UN’s upcoming commemoration of a 2001 conference on racism that was plagued by virulent displays of  antisemitism. (See text of appeal and list of signatories below.) 

The September 22nd follow-up meeting of the Durban Conference, named after the South African city where the first edition was held in 2001, is scheduled to bring together world leaders on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York.

Citing concerns over antisemitism, numerous countries have already announced they are boycotting what has become known as “Durban IV,” including Austria, Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic. France, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and the US...

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