onsdag 17 november 2021

PMW har analyserat Fatahs budskap till barn och ungdomar - en värld utan Israel (både i forntiden och framtiden)

 PMW releases new report in Norwegian Parliament on PA/Fatah child education

Fatah, the ruling political movement of the Palestinian Authority (PA), runs a youth movement for Palestinian children ages 6-15 called the Lion Cubs and Flowers (for boys and girls respectively) which publishes a children’s magazine called Waed (the promise in Arabic). The magazine is published on the youth movement’s website and distributed at Fatah and PA activities and in PA schools.

Fatah's education of children through Waed is the antithesis of peace education. Whereas not all the material in the magazine promotes hatred of Israelis and Israel, all references to Israelis and Israel are hateful.

Waed’s fundamental messages are that Israelis are foreign colonialist invaders, and therefore, Israel has no right to exist. Palestinians led by Fatah will continue the heroic armed struggle until the defeated invaders leave. There is no hint of Israel's legitimacy, nor is there a possibility that Israel will coexist alongside a liberated Palestine, whose borders will include all of Israel.

...Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) has examined Waed’s messages to young children about peace, Israel, Jews, and terror, as presented in the last 17 issues, starting with December 2014 and ending with September 2021. Waed reveals explicitly that:

- The PA and Fatah continue to reject Israel’s right to exist

- Palestinian terrorists, even murderers of civilians and children, are glorified by PA/Fatah as Palestinian heroes

- PA/Fatah anticipates a future Palestinian state that will replace all of Israel—accompanied by the removal of all Jews from the land—as the only just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

- PA/Fatah assures Palestinian children that a future world without Israel is inevitable

Waed is significant because it clearly shows how Fatah renders the past and present, as well as its vision of a future without Israel.

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