söndag 26 mars 2017

UNHRC fördömde Israel igen

Fem resolutioner som fördömer Israel antogs i fredags i UNHRC. Bara USA och Togo röstade konsekvent emot.
Men också Storbritannien håller på att tappa tålamodet med UNHRC:s fixering vid Israel.
Citat från Storbritanniens uttalande:
“Syria’s regime butchers and murders its people on a daily basis. But it is not Syria that is a permanent standing item on the Council’s agenda; it is Israel.
“We cannot accept the perverse message sent out by a Syria Golan resolution that singles out Israel, as Assad continues to slaughter the Syrian people,” it said.
“Israel is a population of eight million in a world of seven billion,” the statement said. “Yet since its foundation, the Human Rights Council has adopted 135 country-specific resolutions; 68 of which against Israel.
“Justice is blind and impartial. This selective focus on Israel is neither.”

After UNHRC adopts 5 anti-Israel resolutions, UK vows to oppose all future such moves

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