onsdag 7 november 2007

Tal av Israels FN-ambassadör i FN

Här kan du läsa Israels FN ambassadör Dan Gillermans tal inför FN:s tredje kommitte, som behandlade en rapport om FN:s mänskorätts råd.
Talet finns här.
Några plock:
"De verkligt brännande - bokstavligt brännande - mänskorätts situationerna i vår plågade värld har man aldrig funderat på i rådet, och man undrar,tråkigt nog, om de någonsin kommer att göra det"
"Det enda som behövs för att det onda skall segra är att goda människor inte gör någonting."

"Like its predecessor, the Commission on Human Rights, the actual Human Rights Council has also adopted a separate standing agenda item on Israel, while the other human rights situations combined from all over the world, have been crammed into one, single agenda item. "

"As the noted English statesman and philosopher Edmund Burke said: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” If the good men and women of the international community stay silent, and allow for the Human Rights Council to fail in its mission, it will have been complicit in the downfall of human rights as a core value of this organization.
The international community cannot stand idly by. It must voice its conscience and flex its moral might. It cannot let the vision of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights fall prey to hypocrisy, politics, and prejudice. For that would disastrous for the human rights cause - not only for the United Nations, but for all mankind.
Talking of good men and women, allow me, Mr. Chairman, to voice a personal note. I have been here for nearly five years. I know many of you personality. I know you are indeed good men and women. I know that deep down you feel what I feel, and that if you could, you would voice the same sentiments. Today, more than ever, and on this issue more than any other, I urge you to do so. Even in this glass building there comes a moment to lay political considerations and expediency aside and do the right thing. If ever there was such a moment, it is now. Let us for once rise above the cynicism and the “what does it matter” and “who cares” of UN jargon.
It does matter, and we should care. The human rights victims matter and the world cares. There are names and faces behind this issue. Those faces and that world are watching us today. Those names and those faces are waiting for us to do the right thing.
Please, let us do it. "

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