torsdag 20 november 2008

De muslimska länderna har kapat Durban II

De dominerande teserna i det 88-sidiga utkastet till deklaration ("Draft Outcome Document") från Durban II (FN:s uppföljningskonferens till antirasismkonferensen i Durban) är att USA, västeuropa, Israel och andra liberala demokratier och deras institutioner, politik, historia och nationeella identitet är rasistiska och diskriminerande mot islam. Yttrandefrihet, välstånd,globalisering, säkerhetsåtgärder för att bekämpa terrorism som riktar sig mot Väst, allt detta sägs förorsaka rasism, diskriminering och förtal av Islam (defamation of Islam).
Språket i deklarationen används till att förvanska de mänskliga rättigheterna så att det blir värre än texten från Durban 2001.
Utkastet som sammanställts av en kommitte där Libyen är ordförande och Iran, Pakistan och Cuba viceordföranden fokuserar på en speciell stat, Israel, som utpekas som fiende till mänskligheten.
Utkastet strider på flera punkter mot de riktlinjer som Frankrikes president på EU:s vägnar sagt att måste följas för att EU skall delta.
Detta rapporterar UN Watch på sin hemsida i en lättläst rapport.

The EU red lines reject (1) singling out one region of the world in particular; (2) reopening the 2001 Durban
declaration by inserting a prohibition against “defamation of religion,” designed to restrict free
speech and impose the censorship of Islamic anti-blasphemy laws; (3) drawing up an order of
priority among victims; and (4) politicizing or polarizing the discussion.

Några citat från UN Watch
You have spoken about the Durban conference. I will tell you: The Durban conference in
2001 led to intolerable excesses from certain states and numerous NGOs that turned the
conference into a forum against Israel. No one has forgotten. A follow-up conference is
planned for 2009. Mr. President [of the CRIF], you asked me a question. I will answer
very frankly. France will not allow a repetition of the excesses and abuses of 2001.
Our European partners share France’s concerns. France will chair the EU in the final
months preceding the review conference. I say to you: if ever our legitimate
demands are not taken into account, we will disengage from the process. I think my
answer is unambiguous.
Source: Nicolas Sarkozy au diner annuel du crif, February
13, 2008.
There should be no repeat of the disgraceful anti-Semitism that blighted events
surrounding the 2001 world conference against racism… [We] will play no part in an
international conference that exhibits the degree of anti-Semitism that was
disgracefully on view on the previous occasion… If it gets to a point that we come to
the view that the conference cannot be a success, the option of withdrawal from the
conference remains available to us.”
Source: Parliamentary debates, May 13, 2008.
Report from Radio Netherlands, May 18, 2008: The Netherlands will not accept it if
there are any attempts to call Israel a racist state at a UN conference in the South
African city of Durban next year, said Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen. He said that
the Netherlands was involved in the organization of the new Durban conference and
would not hesitate to withdraw if there is a similar negative spiral of events.
Source: Radio Netherlands, May 18, 2008.
If the OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference) pushes through this draft
resolution, they shall not expect European or Western countries to be present at the
table... we cannot accept that religion be conflated with racism.
Source: “Danish foreign minister threatens Western boycott of
Durban II,” Europe News, citing Jyllands-Posten, October 28 2008

E N Kendal på WEA skriver:
All that is left on the OIC's agenda for combating Islamophobia is the legitimisation and implementation of national and international laws and legal instruments to punish offenders. It looks like Durban II might be a step in this direction."
"The OIC & the UN: Islamophobia and "defamation of religion"
The OIC formulated its Ten Year Program of Action (TYPOA) in Makkah in December 2005. Item VI on the TYPOA is "Combating Islamophobia". The OIC determined to do this by means of: 1) establishing an Observatory on Islamophobia tasked with monitoring Islamophobia and "defamation" of Islam and issuing annual reports; 2) getting the UN to adopt an international resolution on Islamophobia, and call on all States to enact laws to counter it; and 3) establishing international legal instruments to enforce anti-defamation laws and deliver deterrent punishments to those charged with inciting Islamophobia through defamation of Islam.The Observatory of Islamophobia was launched in Dakar in March 2008 and the UN has been passing resolutions against Islamophobia and "defamation" of religion ever since the OIC and Arab League-incited Cartoon Intifada of February 2006. All that is left on the OIC's agenda for combating Islamophobia is the legitimisation and implementation of national and international laws and legal instruments to punish offenders. It looks like Durban II might be a step in this direction."

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