torsdag 26 januari 2017

En läsvärd artikel om resolution 2334

Why President Obama Should Have Vetoed Resolution 2334 – by Trevor Norwitz
(UN Watch)
"In an exclusive article for, one of the most prominent attorneys in America has just called out former President Obama for allowing the U.N.'s "lawless, ahistorical, unprincipled, unfair and counterproductive" Security Council resolution against Israel. From Trevor S. Norwitz:
"It is lawless because it purports to state a legal conclusion which it is unqualified to do and which is incorrect
. It is ahistorical because it does not describe reality, but adopts a fabricated political narrative.
It is unprincipled because it runs counter to past UN resolutions (not to mention promises by past US administrations) on which all peace-making efforts of the past 25 years have been based.
It is unfair because it is unbalanced, blaming Israel for the failed peace process when it is the Palestinians who for years have refused to negotiate but turned instead to warfare and lawfare (this very resolution being a case in point).
And it is counterproductive because it makes a negotiated peace much more difficult to achieve."

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