tisdag 15 juni 2010

Haifa palestinsk hamnstad enligt PA

Enligt de palestinska myndigheternas TV är Haifa ( i Israel) en palestinsk kuststad, skriver Palestinian Media Watch.

"Palestinian Authority TV displayed the EU logo on the TV screen as background to a quiz question that denied Israel's existence, by presenting the Israeli city Haifa as "a Palestinian coastal city." The question was broadcast daily as a promo for the second season of the weekly quiz show The Stars on PA TV. The first season was sponsored by the EU.The question posed to the TV viewers was:
"A Palestinian coastal city is:1. Ramallah2. Bethlehem3. Haifa... Call the number that appears on the screen and win $500."
Note: The Israeli city Haifa is the only coastal city of the three.
[PA TV (Fatah), daily from May 23 to May 28, 2010]

PA TV is under the direct control of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's office."

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